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Hemorrhoid Pain Relief:

Knowledge Can Get You Through This Pain
Hemorrhoid pain relief is possible, even though it may seem like the pain is intense and never ending. This condition is quite common and although no one wants to go through it, it is likely that many will experience it sometime over their lifetime. There is help for hemorrhoids and it starts with understanding what it is and what your options are.

What Are Hemorrhoids and What Causes Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a health condition that causes swelling and inflammation in the veins around the lower rectum and the anus. The underlying condition that causes this to happen can be many things, including straining from bowel movements, pregnancy, chronic constipation and aging. Any situation in which this portion of the body is forced larger or is strained in any way can lead to hemorrhoids. They are considered internal hemorrhoids when they are found on the inside of the anus. They are external hemorrhoids when they affect the skin that lies around the outside of the anus.

The most common symptoms include fissures, itching, and irritation. The most common symptom is bright red blood that may be noticeable covering the stool or on toilet paper. In addition, many people experience large amounts of pain, especially when internal hemorrhoids have swollen so much so that they are protruding through the outside of the anus. External hemorrhoids have similar symptoms and there may be a hard lump found around the outside of the anus. This usually has a cause from a blood clot forming in the region.

Treatments For Hemorrhoids

There are various options for treatment of hemorrhoids in an individual.

Self Care:

Most people will initially try to treat hemorrhoids on their own, such as through the use of washing. It can also be helpful to take a warm bath several times per day, where there are no chemicals in the water whatsoever. Soaking in a warm bath is one of the best reliefs to the pain.

Medical Care:

Those who have internal hemorrhoids, or that are very painful should seek out medical treatment for the condition. Here, doctors will initially provide several options for treatment. This may include an application of medication to the region, especially to external hemorrhoids. In addition to a hemorrhoid cream, doctors may also suggest a suppository to relieve the swelling within the area for a small amount of immediate relief.

When the condition worsens, there may be the need to seek out further treatment options. For example, to remove the internal Hemorrhoids, doctors can use a rubber band ligation treatment in which a rubber band is placed around the very base of the hemorrhoid starving it of a blood supply. This should only be done with the help of your doctor. Other treatments including the infrared coagulation treatment where a very specialized device is used to burn through the tissue of the hemorrhoid in the hopes of removing it. A hemorrhoidectomy is the surgical procedure used to remove them.

Diet And Prevention

The best way to improve the condition and to avoid future problems is to improve one's diet. Eating a good amount of fiber each day is a key tool to helping anyone to overcome hemorrhoids. This includes eating a diet that is made up of mostly fruits and vegetables as well as whole grain. For those who have constant problems getting enough fiber, the best course of action is to take a fiber supplement. There are several on the market including psyllium and methylcellulose products.

For those who want to avoid getting hemorrhoids again, it is best to improve your overall lifestyle by getting more exercise and by eating a fiber rich diet.

Ring Cushion

In addition to this type of treatment, getting hemorrhoid pain relief is possible through products like a ring cushion or donut cushion. The old fashioned ring cushions are made from rubber. Sitting for long periods on these rubber ring cushions is not recommended as it can interfere with the blood flow to the area causing potential pressure problems.

Harley Designer Ring Cushion

A better option is a ring cushion made from visco elastic foam such as the Harley Designer Ring Cushion. The visco elastic foam conforms to the body and literally 'moulds as you move'.

The Designer Donut Cushion allows the user to sit for longer periods as it is made from visco elastic foam which responds to temperature and weight and reduces interface pressure on the body

They provide you with support while sitting, a problem that many people struggle with who suffer from hemorrhoids. The pain of sitting can be incredibly intense and these rings give you just enough lift to prevent the bottom of a seat from touching the painful area.

Hemorrhoid pain relief is possible, especially when you follow a combined method of treatment. If the pain is incredibly intense, it is important to seek out the help of your doctor to insure that extensive treatment is not needed. It is also always necessary to maintain good hygiene by keeping the area clean to prevent any type of infection from happening. Treatment combinations for hemorrhoids are important since the condition can worsen over a short amount of time.





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